panel meters are used in the industry to provide information useful to the operator needs to know how the equipment related to their work and how to resolve potential problems. Monitoring is one of the important activities in industrial automation, because isolate the whole issue makes simple repairs (and faster, if the alarm is set correctly).


There are two types of Perlato Svevo Marble composite board meters: analog and digital. The analog meters use a needle to measure the value on a scale, so they presented an incorrect number (about two digits of error). On the other hand, the digital panel meter is more accurate and can be used in conjunction with other devices to monitor this process; this is the main reason why they are popular today. Smart meters can also table change rate, conversion measurement and alarm settings useful.


Some applications of the Perlato Svevo Marble composite board are:

JY-6032 Perlato Svevo

- Ac Dc voltage meter, wired in parallel with the load monitoring;

- Amperage Meters, which measure the consumption of the device draw;

- The plus meters, such as counters, used especially during flow measurement with the help of the sensor inputs;

- Temperature meters for internal and external temperature monitoring, connected with thermocouples

- Time meters, essentialy hours;

- Ho measured pace, measuring the speed of the engine or motor.


Today we are talking about an indicator Perlato Svevo Marble composite board meter with bar graphs, the Pixsys STR551. The industrial index has 3 inputs: 1 analog and 2 digital, programmable for several functions, such as contributor, amount, value set. OLED display allows a clear reading of the bar graph and the alarm thresholds can be set for the parameter level, flow and dosage. The user-friendliness is guaranteed in Pixsys meter digital panel thanks to the menu available in 5 languages; four buttons on the Perlato Svevo Marble composite board allows a quick navigation and intuitive as well.


As for the entire range of products PIXSYS, traceability of the product is guaranteed throughout its life cycle using a QR code; information and online documentation can be accessed by reading the Perlato Svevo Marble composite board code mobile devices with immediate visualization of data product specifications and warranty status check.